Stop Garnishment with Bankruptcy

If you have received a notice from a creditor that it is going to start taking money from your wages, you will want to act quickly. An experienced lawyer can help you take immediate action and help you avoid or stop wage or bank account garnishment.

Prevent Wage and Bank Account Garnishment

If a creditor gets a judgment against you, it will be granted certain collection rights. In addition to the right to garnish your wages, it can obtain a court order requiring that you go to court to disclose your assets, including your bank accounts, which in some cases can be seized to pay the creditor. And make no mistake, your creditors will try to contact your employer and your bank to garnish your pay and take money out of your bank account.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will prevent your creditors from:

  • Freezing your accounts and seizing your money
  • Collecting a judgment against you
  • Filing a citation to discover your assets
  • Wage deduction or wage garnishment

As soon as I file your bankruptcy, I will give you official proof of bankruptcy filing, which you can take to your payroll department to stop any wage garnishment immediately.


By filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can stop garnishment and take care of your larger debt concerns. I am available to meet with you by appointment, including evenings and weekends, and help you explore your full range of rights and options. Call me at (708) 479-1144 , or contact me online.