Mortgage Debt

Your House in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are like most people, your home is your largest investment, and if you are struggling with debt there is a good chance your home is in jeopardy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you solve problems concerning your real estate debts, and an experienced Illinois lawyer can help you understand your full range of options when it comes to your mortgage.

What Can You Do With Your Real Estate Debt?

Taking a close look at your complete financial picture, I will help you find solutions for all your real estate debt concerns, including those involving your:

  • Home
  • Mortgages
  • Investment properties

Loan Modification

The fact that you have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot be used against you by your mortgage company when it comes to loan modification. If you are interested in keeping your home after you file for bankruptcy, I will sign a consent form so that you can deal directly with your mortgage company in trying to work out a loan mod.


Do not let real estate debt ruin your life. There are options to help you get debt relief and save your home. Available for weekend and evening hours, in addition to my weekly business hours, I will discuss your options with you directly. Call me at (708) 479-1144 , or contact me online.