Bankruptcy Stops Collection Practices

It's stressful to be in debt. Especially, when you have trouble making even minimum payments on credit cards and or medical bills and collectors start calling. From harassing phone calls throughout the day to threats to garnish your wages, even though there are laws that govern fair debt collection practices, many debt collectors are relentless in their efforts to contact you and recover unpaid debts.

Stopping Judgments and Lawsuits

As soon as you contact an attorney and file for bankruptcy, your creditors receive a notice of your bankruptcy and an automatic stay is issued. The stay effectively halts any legal actions that creditors are taking or plan to take against you and it remains in effect during the entire time your case is open.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy puts an immediate stop to any kind of lawsuit or legal action — with certain limited exceptions — taken by creditors, including:

  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Pending lawsuits
  • Wage garnishment
  • Collection of business debt

Take Action Today

It is possible to stop lawsuits and judgments with bankruptcy and the sooner you take action and contact an attorney, the sooner you can put your debt problems behind you and obtain the much-needed debt relief you need.

I welcome your questions and will gladly meet with you at my office in Orland Park to discuss the specific circumstances of your case and to help you find solutions. My practice is 100 percent focused on Chapter 7 bankruptcy and have a keen understanding of Illinois' complex and ever-changing laws. I offer evening and weekend hours as needed, so call Steve Beck, Lawyer at (708) 479-1144, or contact me online.

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