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I do only Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases.

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I do Chapter 7 cases for people throughout the Chicago area, mainly in Cook and Will counties, and also in Dupage County in Illinois. I meet with clients by appointment, including evenings and weekends. Call me at (708) 479-1144.

Information About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 can solve debt problems such as:

  • Credit cards: Usually, you can get rid of all credit card debt. If there are special problems relating to divorce debts or very recent use of your charge cards, I will advise you on what we can do.
  • Payday loans: Chapter 7 can end your payday loan debts.
  • Medical debt: Normally, you can get rid of all of it.
  • Real estate issues: In most cases, you can keep your home if you continue to make your mortgage payments. Also, your mortgage company usually cannot deny you a loan modification if you file for bankruptcy. If your mortgage company forecloses on your home, a Chapter 7 will prevent the mortgage company from ever collecting a dime from you.
  • Wage and bank account garnishment and deductions: Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy puts an immediate end to all wage garnishment and deductions and seizures of your bank accounts.
  • Creditor lawsuits: Chapter 7 bankruptcy prevents creditors from pressing lawsuits against you, and they must stop as soon as you file your case.
  • Creditor harassment: As soon as you file for bankruptcy, creditors must not contact you.
  • Driver's license suspension: If your license has been suspended because you had a car accident while driving without insurance, it is likely that by filing Chapter 7 you will be able to get your license reinstated promptly.